After the initial paperwork is filled out, Dr. Zurkan will sit down with you to discuss what brought you into the clinic. Many questions will be asked at this time, such as “When did you first notice the problem?”, and “What makes it worse or better?”. This is essentially a fact-finding mission by the Doctor to ascertain what exams and/or x-rays might be needed. It is also an opportunity for you to ask questions and discuss any concerns you may have. This service is ALWAYS FREE OF CHARGE.

An examination is performed after the consultation. This helps to ascertain which tissues are involved. After all, pain can come from muscles, joints, ligaments, nerves, etc. Determining the source of the problem helps the Doctor to develop a diagnosis and plan of treatment.

After the exam, x-rays are taken, when needed, to provide Dr. Zurkan with a picture of your spine, joints, and even limited soft tissue structure. X-rays are VERY valuable to Dr. Zurkan in that he is provided with a clear picture of your posture, misaligned vertebrae, overlaying degeneration in the joints or spine, and sometimes organic or soft tissue problems. After all, a more accurate diagnosis provides for more accurate treatment, and accurate treatment leads to a more positive outcome for you. Unless you are in severely acute pain, this will end the first visit. Dr. Zurkan will review the x-rays and exam and give you a full report on the next follow-up visit.

Report of Findings
On your next visit, after Dr. Zurkan has had a chance to carefully examine your x-rays and exam results, he will sit down with you to discuss what he found, what (if anything) can be done about your problem, and how long he expects it will take your body to heal. If Dr. Zurkan feels that chiropractic treatment cannot help you, he will discuss your options, including possible referral to another medical provider. Dr. Zurkan has working relationships with various Neurologists and Orthopedic physicians to help in correcting deformities of the skeletal system.

We always offer an initial consultation with Dr. Zurkan at NO CHARGE and no obligation. This gives you an opportunity to meet the Doctor and discuss your health challenges. After your consultation, Dr. Zurkan will make a recommendation and discuss any fees. The cost of your first visit varies, depending on your condition.

For your convenience, we can make payment arrangements for individuals as well as families under care. Our full service insurance department files most insurance claims for you. We accept Medicare, Major Medical, Workers’ Compensation, Auto Insurance, Major Credit Cards, and cash.

We offer a time of service cash discount for everyone.

If you have any questions regarding your first visit, contact us today at (727) 518-1999.