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Patient Testimonials

Firefighter Paramedic Endorses Chiropractic Care!

"For months I had struggled with pain in my neck and lower back accompanied by frequent numbness and tingling in my extremities, and yet after visiting my primary care physician and a neurologist I got little to no answers.

My blood pressure also seemed to increase with the symptoms, my mother referred me to Dr. Zurkan. After just two months of meeting Dr. Zurkan for chiropractic adjustments, I can testify that his dedicated skill in the field has made notable improvements in my health; the frequency of the numbness and tingling, along with the pain in my lower back and neck have nearly ceased.

Working as a firefighter paramedic is a demanding profession where my health is just as important as the health of the people I help; I can thankfully say Dr. Zurkan has allowed me to better maneuver both at work and in daily exercises."

~ Brady H. ~

Bay Area Chiropractic Largo, Seminole, Belleair and Pinellas

Feeling Happier and Healthier!

"I met at a health fair in the Seminole Mall, I explained to him about my shoulder pain that I had been having; I decided to come into Bay Area Chiropractic just to see if I could be helped?

Simply put: the pain in my shoulder is now Gone!"

~ Sincerely, Jack G. ~

Words of our Chiropractic poet!

My pain may not have been catastrophic, but I elected to seek chiropractic. he said my neck was to blame for much of the pain, and the cure did not have to be caustic. Well, my shoulders felt like bad bursitis and my wrists and hands were in crisis, this all came from my neck and it had the effect, of a very sharp knife when it dices.

Now, my back pain was a much different story, scoliosis in all of its glory, pain and spasms were felt, near the back of my belt oh, the state I was in was quite sorry.

On a table the doctor said 'lie', and to him I was barely thigh high, then he went right to work with a shove and a jerk and my neck problems bid me 'good-bye'.

My back, well it's coming along slowly, I know it will never heal wholly, but on an x-ray he showed me some improvement there be, but to me it's the tracks of a trolley.

So if a skeletal problem plagues you, I can tell you just what to do, Bay Area Chiropractic is near, just see the good doctor there and you will feel much better too.


Vast Improvement Made

"I started my treatments with Dr. Zurkan in April of this year. My problems were my lower back, my hips, and my neck; I have felt a vast improvement in all the above mentioned areas. My hips used to ache to the point it would almost bring me to tears. Since my visits to Dr. Zurkan I no longer have that feeling in that area.

I still have a long way to go, but the end results will be worth it!"

~ MaryAnn P. ~

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