This is definitely the place to come for pain relief. I have a stenosis in my neck presses on spinal cord, ouchy. The traction machine is gentle and feels like a massage. They put diodes on shoulder and lower back to gently release tight muscles then the Dr. takes me in for a manipulation. The end result was relaxed muscles and no ouchy stiffness or headache which is well worth the visit. They handle accidents and insurance claims and work with you on your schedule. Very family oriented and make you feel like you are part of their system. They care, thats the bottom line, they care…I will definitely refer anyone to come try them out.

– Linda T.

What an amazing group. When you walk in, they make you feel like family. Dr. Zurkan is a great dr. and when you tell him what is wrong, he knows how to fix it.

Jasmin is the receptionist, therapist and an all around great person and she works hard to get you feeling better. Please, if you are hurting,don’t wait to go see them.

– Lisa C.

It’s easy to see how Bay Chiropractic maintains a 5 star rating. Absolutely everyone there has the professionalism that demands it. They always make you feel like a real person. Very compassionate. I have always liked the saying “Limp in, Leap out”. I feel that applies here. Dr. Cliff will do what it takes to ease your pain. Thank you!!!

– Robert R.

They have provided me with a sense of security again! From my very first visit, I knew that Dr. Zurkin had my best intentions in mind. They eased my mind, as well as my pain!

I’ll keep coming here for future treatments.

– Christian C.

I was on vacation with my family in the Indian Rocks area and re-injured my back. I was very impressed with the diagnosis and treatment of Dr. Zurkan. I went in for 2 treatments and feel that he helped save my vacation!
Jasmine was very friendly and explained all of their treatments thoroughly. If I lived in the area, I would definitely use Bay Area Chiropractic.

– Tom G.

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