The spine is composed of a complex system of joints, muscles, and bone that allow for movement. Facet joints are the small stabilizing joints located between and behind vertebrae at each level of the spine. They provide stability that allows for flexibility and twisting movements in the neck and lower back.

Intervertebral discs also act as a type of joint in the spine that bend and rotate as the body moves. When these joints are damaged by injury or disease, you can experience significant back pain.

As facet joints are in nearly constant motion, they are prone to wear and tear and commonly degenerate with time and aging. Wearing of the facet joints can produce bone spurs and enlargements of the joints, which is commonly referred to osteoarthritis. Patients suffering from this joint inflammation / degeneration, also known as facet joint disease, experience pain when moving, walking, and standing.

Sacral & Buttock Pain

Sacral and buttock pain – sometimes referred to as sacroiliac joint dysfunction – is commonly under-diagnosed in many pain and spine clinics. In many cases, back pain does not specifically arise from conditions affecting the back. Instead, pain may originate from the hip or the sacroiliac joints (SI joints) – the joints in the pelvis that support the spine. As in any case of a pain condition, proper diagnosis and a extensive experience in treating these pain conditions makes a large difference in ensuring that patients receive the proper treatment they need to improve mobility and function and decrease pain.

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