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Spinal Fractures

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Spinal or vertebral fractures are fractures of the bones in the spinal column. Spinal fractures can cause considerable back pain and can greatly reduce one's mobility and overall health. Common causes of these fractures include certain degenerative conditions, such as degenerative spine disease, as well as trauma or injuries.

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Depending on the results of diagnostic tests and an individual's condition, treatment options may include conservative options such as rest, and bracing, surgery, or advanced treatments that stabilize damaged bone in order to restore the affected area to its pre-fracture state, among others.

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At Bay Area Chiropractic, we go above and beyond in our efforts to provide our patients with an unwavering level of dedication. From the innovative treatments we provide to the genuine support we deliver to patients whose lives have been deeply affected by pain conditions, everything we do is designed to maximize the results and experience patients receive from our team. Dr. Cliff Zurkan exemplifies the highest standards of personal attention and compassionate care. If you would like to learn more about our services, please contact a Largo chiropractor today. Bay Area Chiropractic is located in Largo, surrounding Seminole, Belleair, Palm Harbor, Clearwater, St. Petersburg and Tarpon Springs.

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